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Re: reading NaNs

On Wed, 26 Oct 2005, Bradd W. Szonye wrote:

> I would hope that anyone reviewing IEEE-754 features for Scheme is
> already familiar with the revision and its current status. It'd be silly
> to adopt a 20-year-old standard just a few months before a major
> revision. Then again, it might be silly to wait on the new draft, given
> its troubles. Either way, arguments should at least take it into
> account.

I would not say that I'm "familiar" with it, but I have heard
noises about it.


is a good resource.


Is another one.

They intend to standardize new floating point formats including
3 sizes of decimal and new 128-bit binary floats, be more
specific about exceptions and handlers for those exceptions,
combine it with IEEE 874 (radix-independent floating point
handling) and otherwise *reduce* the number of choices open
to implementers.  There are various other goals but I think
those are the major ones.

Oh, one other thing in here that I applaud; they're standardizing a
hardware operation they call "fused multiply-add" which is key to
bigfloat support, and including an annex on working with arbitrary-
sized float formats.