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Re: Unicode surrogates

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Tom Emerson wrote:

>rgburger@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> For example, I can create a file called "\uD802.ss" in Windows.  How
>> would I be able to open this file in Scheme with the given proposal?
>Well, U+D802 is invalid, since it must be paired.

That doesn't matter, really.  The fact that it's in violation of
the unicode standard does not make it cease to exist or solve the
problem it creates.

To put it another way, Windows allows characters that are not part
of Unicode to be used to name files.  If we restrict our character
set for filenames to Unicode-only, we will not be able to open
those files.  That problem is real.

Hmmm.... can we use read-byte and write-byte to read and write