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Re: the discussion so far

"John.Cowan" <jcowan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Luckily, case folding is specified in such a way that a normalized
>> sequence of code points remains normalized if case-folded.
> This is exactly backwards.  Case folding does *not* preserve normalization,
> but *does* work correctly even on unnormalized input.  For example, 
> the sequence <0130> is in normalization form C, but folds to
> <0069,0307>, which is not.

Thanks for the correction. I completely misremembered the relevant
part of the standard. (I guess I'm guilty of Wishful Thinking :-))

For those interested, the relevant part is 5.18 "Case Mappings",
section "Caseless Matching" and "Normalization", in

> I do agree that normalization functions are a Good Thing, though
> not necessarily for the Scheme core.

How would you implement and use STRING=? ?

        -- Jorgen

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