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Re: Responses to your comments

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 04:22:02PM +0200, Sven.Hartrumpf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >       ht->vector and vector->ht are
> > 	IMNSHO totally useless and will not be added unless somebody
> > 	provides a convincing argument for them.
> No arguments, but maybe we can allow a little more flexibility
> (in the list world) by adding an optional argument 'acons' to
> hash-table->alist.

I think these are too marginal needs to support directly.  When there is
need for converting between different alist types, a simple map will do.

If we take the path of generality, why not support plists too, so that
we need to parameterise with "function for getting/making next cell".  I
don't think this kind of generality will pay off.  I'd rather define
these routines to account for the most common situation(s) and be done
with it.


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