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Re: SRFI-47 -- types and declarations.

Am Sun, 23 Nov 2003 11:12:05 +0100 hat Michael Sperber <sperber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> geschrieben:

"Aubrey" == Aubrey Jaffer <agj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Aubrey> If one can't model on extant SRFIs, then the SRFI process has
Aubrey> failed.

Oh, puh-lease.

Aubrey> How was I supposed to discover that there are good SRFIs and bad
Aubrey> SRFIs? The SRFI-4 "Post-Finalization Discussion Archive" is empty of
Aubrey> content.

Because this was discussed already in the pre-finalization discussion
archive---right as the first item, in fact.

You could also check the "implementation" list which shows that the
number of Scheme systems supporting SRFI 4 isn't exactly long.

Well, the "implementation" list is also not very up-to-date.
So far PLT, Kawa, Guile, Chicken, Stklos and Gauche support SRFI-4,
as will Gambit 4.0. That's quite a lot, IMHO.