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Re: SRFI-47 -- types and declarations.

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On Thursday, Nov 20, 2003, at 18:56 US/Eastern, Aubrey Jaffer wrote:

The SLIB array module introduces *no* syntax (and is completely
portable).  I had included the read syntax in SRFI-47 because SRFI-4

And it makes sense to introduce reader syntax!  But not the way SRFI 4
does it, as has been shown in its discussion archive and by the
existence of SRFI 10.

If one can't model on extant SRFIs, then the SRFI process has failed.
How was I supposed to discover that there are good SRFIs and bad
SRFIs?  The SRFI-4 "Post-Finalization Discussion Archive" is empty of

...try the 'Pre-Finalization Discussion Archive,' and nearly all of
the messages there.

I will remove the read syntax from SRFI-47, which removes many of the

Why not provide SRFI 10 reader constructors?  This kind of thing is
_exactly_ what SRFI 10 is for!

Also, I don't think my other questions, those not regarding reader
syntax, were addressed: will there be a follow-up complete array
library to deprecate SRFI 43 and some of SRFI 13? and ARRAY=? is less
general than it could be: why isn't it more like SRFI 1's LIST= or
SRFI 43's VECTOR= ?  I have also come up with another question: why is
there no ARRAY, analogous to VECTOR as MAKE-ARRAY is analogous to