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english names for symbolic SREs

Traditionally SREs have had the following aliases
allowing the user to choose between brevity and

From SCSH:

  | or
  & and
  : seq
From IrRegex (in this case introducing a new short form):

  $ submatch
  => submatch-named

For consistency Michael Montague suggested all
SREs have a short and long form.  John Cowan
suggests the following names:

 ? optional
 * zero-or-more
 + one-or-more
 >= at-least
 = exactly
 ** repeated
 ?? non-greedy-optional
 *? non-greedy-zero-or-more
 **? non-greedy-repeated

For the cset-sres we'd also need:

  / char-range (or cset-range?)
  - difference (or diff?)
  ~ complement (or not?)

I would suggest not introducing new short forms
of existing long names.  Comments welcome, but
if there are no objections I'll go with this.