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Re: ANN: SRFI 155: Scheme Regular Expressions

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Arthur A. Gleckler scripsit:

> There's a great story from the original author of Make.  He said that
> he decided early on that he couldn't reverse the decision to make SPC
> and TAB have different meanings -- a terrible decision -- because he
> already had ten users!

Legend has it that on his first day at Google, Stu was given a desktop
whose keyboard lacked the Tab key.

John Cowan    cowan@xxxxxxxx    http://ccil.org/~cowan
Rather than making ill-conceived suggestions for improvement based on
uninformed guesses about established conventions in a field of study with
which familiarity is limited, it is sometimes better to stick to merely
observing the usage and listening to the explanations offered, inserting
only questions as needed to fill in gaps in understanding. --Peter Constable