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Plan for revising

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I'm going to revise this SRFI as follows, unless someone thinks
something should be discussed further.

Remove all design related to versioning.  Add a comment about why
versions are not in file names: it's too controversial.

Require encoding the set of characters: #\%, #\., #\x0 to #\x1F, #\<, 
#\>, #\:, #\", #\/, #\\, #\|, #\?, and #\*.  Require not encoding all
other characters.

Implicit file name prefix is "main".  Avoid conflicts by mapping 
(--- main) to "---/_main.sls", (--- _main) to "---/__main.sls", and so

Ordering of an implicit file name match relative to a non-implicit file
name match is not specified.

Rephrase to state that files conforming to this SRFI must have only one
library per file.  (Thus allowing implementations which support this
SRFI to also support files which do not conform to this SRFI.)

Rephrase to state that cross-implementation files, i.e. those without an
implementation-specific file name extension, must contain the library as
a standard library form as the first syntactic datum which the standard
read procedure would return.

State that implementations must support implementation-specific files
with the same format as cross-implementation files, but implementations
may also support other formats.  (Because of other parts of this SRFI,
there are implied restrictions that implementation-specific files
conforming to this SRFI must have only one library per file and that
such files' path name must represent the name of the contained library
(excluding the version).)


Remove the restriction that search paths must be independent.  (We
haven't discussed this.  Thinking about it more, I don't think there is
enough justification for this restriction.)

: Derick