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Re: Plan for revising

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From: Derick Eddington <derick.eddington@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Plan for revising
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 22:51:32 -0700

> I'm going to revise this SRFI as follows, unless someone thinks
> something should be discussed further.

All points seem good.   Thanks for your effort.

I'd like to clearify one point.  Suppose I have /usr/share/scheme
and /home/shiro/scheme in SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH, in that order,
and I have those files:


If myscheme wants to import (acme foo), should it load the
"first match" which is /usr/share/scheme/acme/foo.sls, or 
should it keep looking for the "best match", which is

The current wording of srfi-103 seems to leave it implementation
dependent.  Is it correct?   I wonder it may introduce a subtle
incompatibilities among different implementations which can be
a source of problems difficult to track down.   The current
srfi-103 says something about transitive imports; could you
explain it a bit more?