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Re: Here strings?

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Anton van Straaten scripsit:

> The point of here-strings in the SRFI-75 context is to be able to embed 
> unescaped text, so that it is not necessary to quote characters such as 
> quotes and backslashes within a here-string.


> Here-strings and literal strings both have the same possible range
> of source representations.

Actually not.  A here-string can only represent those characters which
can be represented in the encoding of the Scheme source.  For example, if
the encoding is ASCII, a here-string cannot represent non-ASCII characters.
A quoted string (as extended by SRFI-75) can represent any Unicode character.
Exactly the same limitations apply to XML's CDATA sections vs. ordinary
character content: no escaping required, but none permitted either.

It's explicitly out of SRFI-75's scope what encodings of source code
R6RS implementations must accept.

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