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Re: Sockets Layer Counter Proposal

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Aaron W. Hsu scripsit:

> >Like R[67]RS call-with-port, it makes sure the socket is closed if proc
> >terminates normally, a non-trivial difference.
> Okay, in this case I fail to see the reason for the explicit socket
> argument. I do think that the automatic closing could be useful, but
> in the form specified by 106 I think it's too awkward and annoying
> to use. I'd probably prefer:
>   (call-with-socket domain type protocol proc)

That's a different thing.  Like call-with-port, call-with-socket
encapsulates the idea "I have a port/socket, which I obtained however.
I want to run this procedure with unwind protection so that the
port/socket will be closed when I'm done."  The call-with-socket you
have here is more like call-with-{input,output}-file.

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