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Re: SRFI 105: Curly-infix-expressions

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Alan Manuel Gloria scripsit:

> Eeehh, #! is syntax for executable scripts on unix-likes.
> Now if #! is ignored on the first line, that's fine.

It's not enough to do that: you have to ignore the whole first line.
The R6RS committee tried to standardize this line in early drafts, but
got a lot of protest and dropped the idea.  This whole question is
specific to the implementation.

> How about, if #!curly-infix is found somewhere other than as the first
> column of the first line of a file?

It's fine to put it at the beginning of the file if you know the file
isn't going to be executed as a script.  I see no reason for SRFI 105 to
mention any of this.

> Is there some process to somehow ask for the community to vote on an
> issue?  Or is that the RnRS?

You can ask the mailing list to vote, if you want, but it's in no way
binding; the decision to ask the SRFI-meisters to finalize or withdraw
the draft is, in the end, the proposer's.  Insofar as possible, the
R7RS-small committee doesn't consider proposals that don't already have
widespread implementations; this one is certainly not ripe.  If there
is substantial traction for this in the next year or two (which will
take heroic lobbying efforts), you can ask for it to be added to the
WG2 input hopper.

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