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Re: SRFI 105: Curly-infix-expressions

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John Cowan:
> Insofar as possible, the
> R7RS-small committee doesn't consider proposals that don't already have
> widespread implementations; this one is certainly not ripe.  If there
> is substantial traction for this in the next year or two (which will
> take heroic lobbying efforts), you can ask for it to be added to the
> WG2 input hopper.

Yes, it's my hope that we get it into the WG2 input hopper. But I completely agree, a standards group should generally be standardizing stuff that is already implemented, preferably in many places.  I don't expect WG1 to consider this.  My hope for WG1 is that they don't endorse something that would make this impossible later (and I don't think they have).

One thing that'd be *nice* would be if WG1-small would be willing to add "{" and "}" as delimiters.  But it's certainly not necessary, and I've been presuming that we wouldn't be able to influence WG1-small, given the current state.

--- David A. Wheeler