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Re: Suggestion: include test suite in SRFI

Test suites can show that an implementation does not conform
to some specification, but they can't (usually) show that an
implementation does conform.  The only things you can
realistically hope to get out of an executable test procedure
are the following:

    1.  A true result means the implementation might conform,
        because it either passed all of the tests or bombed
        so badly as to return a bogus result.
    2.  A false result means the implementation does not conform,
        because it failed one or more tests.
    3.  No result at all means the implementation blew up during
        one of the tests.

So the "if and only if" in

> This requirement is met by including a definition of a Scheme procedure
> called `test-implementation', and which returns non-#f if and only
> if the implementation is operationally conforming.

should be changed to "if".  I would also suggest that TEST-IMPLEMENTATION
should be required to take no arguments.