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Suggestion: include test suite in SRFI

It would be nice to at least recommend (perhaps require?) that a SRFI
include executable test cases.

Hence, I would suggest adding to


  7b.  It must [should?] contain an executable test suite.  This
       requirement is met by including a definition of a Scheme procedure
       called `test-implementation', and which returns non-#f if and only
       if the implementation is operationally conforming.  If the
       implementation is not operationally conforming, the behavior is
       unspecified except that it cannot successfully return non-#f
       (ie, it may return #f or "signal an error")

       [Rationale:  To provide a first-order test for the correctness
       of an implementation (other than the reference implementation).
       Like the reference implementation, the functioning of the test
       procedure is regarded as SECONDARY to the specification.  That
       is, any disagreement between the test suite and the specification
       is to be considered a bug in the test.]

       [More rationale:  To provide easy regression testing of old,
       well-established SRFIs.]

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