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Re: why generative?

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Shiro Kawai wrote:

> Here's one idea:
> An implementation may extend make-rtd so that it can take
> a symbol 'nongenerative and another symbol (name) in the
> optional argument list.   Then make-rtd returns an RTD
> that is semantically equivalent to another RTD with the
> same field specs, parent rtd, opaqueness, sealedness,
> and the name.  How to realize this equivalence is up
> to the implementation; it can calculate a unique signature
> and use it to distinguish rtds, it can memoize make-rtd
> arguments, or it can use element-wise comparison.

Isn't that equivalent (modulo the use of 'nongenerative
instead of 'uid) to the recommended semantics for the 'uid
extension that's already described by the draft of SRFI 99?