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Re: Initial comments

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Thanks for your reply, Will.

Systematic use of
the "rtd-" prefix in SRFI 99 prevents clashes with the
names defined by the corresponding layers of the R6RS,

This is not C. We have a module system that allows arbitrary renaming and prefixing. Or maybe this is C, and you intend this SRFI to be used in module-less R5RS systems. Ugh. Please wait while I find a peg for my nose.

and reduces confusion between SRFI 99 procedures and
those of the R6RS:  If a procedure's name begins with
"rtd-", then it is part of the SRFI 99 API, not the

There are two potential sources of confusion: having things that do the same thing but have slightly different names and having things that do slightly different things but have the same name. I worry more about the former and you about the latter. We went through this same argument with the R6RS fixnum and flonum libraries.

Can you at least rename "rtd-all-field-names" to "rtd-field-names"?

No, the behavior specified by the R6RS is not quite
equivalent to the behavior specified by SRFI 99

Thanks for the explanation of the R6RS oddness.


Alan Watson