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Re: gratuitous optimization and benchmarking

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 * From: "Taylor R. Campbell" <campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>
 * Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 13:46:39 +0000
 * Subj: Re: gratuitous optimization and benchmarking

   Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 12:56:36 +0900
   From: "soo" <init@xxxxxxxxxxx>

   I'd like to know whether it was intentional that you performed
   the test with such an old version instead of new one.

 | I chose 0.57 because I knew that its compiler recognized CWV with
 | lambda operands, while 1.3's compiler did not (a fact which slipped my
 | mind when I first tried to explain the disparity between your results
 | and mine).  I expect that code to recognize this will be reintroduced
 | later on anyway.  I wanted to compare the performance in systems that
 | took the small effort to make multiple return values perform well, not
 | in systems where multiple return values are like your MU anyway but
 | with extra overhead.

Although I understand that it is possible to momentarily forget things, it is
quite discomforting to come to these realizations now.  I still have a
difficult time understanding how such an important detail could be overlooked.

Joo ChurlSoo