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Cut and the operators mu and nu

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The specifications of mu and nu are:

  (mu <expr> ...)          => (lambda (f) (f <expr> ...))
  (nu <expr> ... <exprn>)  => (lambda (f) (apply f <expr> ... <exprn>))
  The <exprn> should be a list.

These are indeed useful operations. So useful that we already have
a srfi for them, namely srfi-26.

(cut <> <expr> ...)
                           => (lambda (f) (f <expr> ...))
(cut apply <> <expr> ... <exprn>)
                           => (lambda (f) (apply <expr> ... <exprn>))


  Welcome to DrScheme, version 301.12-svn5apr2006.
  Language: Pretty Big (includes MrEd and Advanced Student).
  > (require (lib "26.ss" "srfi"))
  > (define m (cut <> 1 2))
  > (m list)
  (1 2)
  > (define n (cut apply <> 1 '(2 3)))
  > (n list)
  (1 2 3)

Jens Axel Søgaard