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Re: languages

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On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Chris Hanson wrote:

>> Are you prepared to run the server and do the indexing and
>> the archiving and mirroring and suck up the bandwidth costs?
>Hmm... that's very nearly an ad hominem attack.  I'm not interested in
>fighting -- I thought we were having a useful technical discussion.

I'm sorry; it was not my intent to imply anything about you,
especially anything negative.  It's just that if we're going
to have everything on a particular server, we have to provide
for that server *first*.  My connection and uptime are too
flaky and I know that there are personal circumstances in which
the indexing and other work might not get done for a month or
more at a time.  We need to identify someone for whom this is
not true if we're going to standardize on a uniform module
naming scheme that is a collection of URL's with a specific