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Re: languages

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Chris Hanson wrote:

>bear wrote:
>> So to me a scheme URI would be something like
>> "scheme://R5RS/TinyCLOS/rationals/foo.scm"
>> and this woud be a key into a small database that mapped
>> it to a URL giving a web address where it could be downloaded.

>But why not just use an http: URI to do that?  You don't need the small
>database at all.  Something like
>	http://schemers.org/R5RS/TinyCLOS/rationals/foo.scm

I think that would imply excessive reliance on a single
site and server. And this is sometimes a problem.  Aside
from the situation becoming such that the entire community
would be hosed if a single server should go down, it would
impose a significant burden (and bandwidth costs) on the
maintainers of that site.

> The database could be stored on the server instead of having a local
> copy everywhere.

Are you prepared to run the server and do the indexing and
the archiving and mirroring and suck up the bandwidth costs?