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Re: indirect-export in macro

 Matthew Flatt wrote:
 > Oh, that's right. You need
 >  (indirect-export (M quotient+remainder))
 > for some locally defined macro M. (Or am I missing something else, too?)
 Ah, that too, but I meant that 
   <body> = <impexp-form>* <comdef-form>*
 requires the <impexp-form>s to precede the macro definitions.  Would the 
 example work if I put the macro after, like this?  It is not clear 
 to me from the spec:

 (library "let-div" "scheme://r6rs" 
    (define-syntax make-export
            (syntax-rules ()
              (indirect-export (quotient+remainder)))))       
    (define (quotient+remainder n d) ....)