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Re: Questions, loose ends, misprints, etc.

 Thank you for the detailed reply.
 > At Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:00:30 -0500 (EST), Andre van Tonder wrote:
 > > - Can I export an unbound identifier?  For example, can I export
 > >   literals (such as ELSE, UNQUOTE, etc.), or does this not even make
 > >   sense.
 > This doesn't make sense to me, at least. What would it mean?
 I guess what I had in mind was defining COND in one library and 
 using it in another.  If you used something like free-identifier=? 
 to test for ELSE in the defining library, this might not work unless 
 you also exported ELSE to the client library.
 But maybe you have a different predicate in mind to test for