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Re: means to disable tests

On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, Neil Van Dyke wrote:

>I'm fond of single-file libraries, and like to embed test cases within
>the libraries, with a simple way of disabling the test suite when the
>library is deployed (to free up some resources).

Me too.  The way I handle it is very unschemely, though.

I put it between #ifdef and #endif lines in the source code.

I process Scheme files using CPP and make.  Multi-file projects
are concatenated according to make targets and #ifdef configuration
commands into a single "target" file which is loaded into the
system. This is ugly and it fails to win the advantages of separate
compilation,  but it's flexible, near universally available and
_means_the_same_thing_in_all_versions_of_scheme_ , so it's the
configuration control and module  system I use.  Anyway, I have
different makefile targets for "testbuild" and "interactivebuild"
and "releasebuild" -- and often even separate targets for testing
separate specific subsystems that include test routines and
accessors not needed in the general builds.

However, this goes way past just testing; configuration
control is actually a bigger problem.  And the fact that
the best solution I've found is at best an ugly hack is
telling, as far as I'm concerned, as to exactly how sticky
a problem it is.

I will be watching the module system proposal from the
R6RS committee with interest; although I wouldn't actually
suggest doing it the way I do it, if I feel that the module
system proposal doesn't allow the same flexibility and
unambiguity, odds are I won't be using it myself.

But on that tack, are we confident that this SRFI won't
be obsoleted instantly by the module system proposal that
presumably allows some kind of configuration control?