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Re: Testing the reference implementation

> r6rs/will> (load "complex-test.scm")
> complex-test.scm
> Error: I'm bored.
>        #{Inf}
>       (&error)

The reason for this behavior is that FLOAT-FRACTION-LENGTH in
the file 'scheme48-1.3/scheme/rts/floatnum.scm' tries to compute the
exponent of a float value x by multiplying by 1, 2, 4, 8, etc. until the
product is integral---which never happens for x = +inf. This is initiated
by a call to ZERO? on +INF.0 in procedure /* of 'flonum.scm' of the
SRFI's reference implementation.

The shortest program producing the same error is:

,config ,load packages.scm
,in r6rs/will
(let ((n r5rs->number)) (/ (n 1.0) (/ (n 1.0) (n 0.0))))

So far for today...


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