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Re: arithmetic issues

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Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk <qrczak@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Sigh. With this attitude I have no hope in getting a decent portable
> numeric system from Scheme. Implementations are on their own. Time to
> move to more sane languages.

Fortunately, your huff doesn't prevent others from figuring out a good
way to implement IEEE within Scheme.

It seems to me that what you want is not portable IEEE floating point
in Scheme (I have heard nobody say that this would be a bad idea).  It
seems what you really want is to force every Scheme system to provide
such (which is simply never going to happen, since we want to retain
the ability to have an integer-only Scheme), or to force users to use
IEEE floating point only.

I favor a system in which users request the features they want, and if
they don't care, the system gives them whatever is efficient and
convenient.  I can't see why that doesn't suit you.