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Re: meta-comment on typing

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Per Bothner <per@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Michael Sperber wrote:
>> I personally have no objection to type declaration, but disagree that
>> the code becomes more readable.  In fact, I've seen plenty of evidence
>> that the exact opposite is the case, both in the C world (with type
>> declarations) and in the R5RS/CL world (without).
> Type declarations, especially of procedure parameters, is an essential
> part of the documentation and specification of a procedure.  As a
> compact, easily-understood, machine-checkable specifiction that as
> a side benefit (often) improves performance it seems a no-brainer.

I'm sorry, I worded that confusingly. You were suggesting two things:

1. adding type declarations---no objection in principle
2. removing the distinction between different kinds of operations
   ---makes the code less readable

Cheers =8-} Mike
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