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Re: the discussion so far

Thomas Bushnell BSG scripsit:

> I'm referring to all the associate Unicode-related standards as well.
> Please don't standardize non-compliance with other standards.  If a
> Scheme system wants to comply with the UCA, then it should be able to
> do so without violating the Scheme standard.

SRFI-75 in no way prevents that.  It simply says what string<? and its friends
mean.  You can still provide string-uca-simple<? and string-uca-locale<? if
you want.

> I believe that a sufficiently fancy Scheme implementation should be
> allowed to treat canonically equivalent sequences identically.  We
> should not standardize in Scheme a differential treatment here.

Same answer: you can provide string-nfd, string-nfc, string-nfkc, and
string-nfkd if you want, and also the obvious composition of these
functions with string<? and friends.

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