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Re: when GC is permitted

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Tom Lord <lord@xxxxxxx> writes:
>     > (BTW, Tom will be quite disappointed with what GCC's optimizer
>     > will do to Pika-style code; go and try it.)
> You need to be much more specific.  

You made a post before discussing how this would be optimized:

      list2 (scheme_value answer,
             scheme_instance instance,
             scheme_value * a,
             scheme_value * b)
	struct my_frame
          scheme_value nil;
          scheme_value last_pair;
        } f; 

        SCHEME_GCPRO (f);

        SCHEME_MAKE_NIL (&f.nil, instance);
        SCHEME_CONS (&f.last_pair, instance, b, &f.nil);
        SCHEME_CONS (answer, instance, a, &f.last_pair);

        SCHEME_GCUNPRO (my_frame);

Maybe my comment should have swaggered less, but it's been my
experience that GCC is pretty conservative about optimizing memory