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Re: when GC is permitted

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    > From: Jim Blandy <jimb@xxxxxxxxxx>

    > But you need to be clear about exactly what JNI-style really
    > implies. [....]
    > Here's the implementation of mn_car, with run-time typechecking
    > removed:

    >     mn_ref *
    >     mn_car (mn_call *call, mn_ref *pair)
    >     {
    >         result = mn__make_local_ref (mn__untag_pair (pair->obj)->car);
    >     }

    > mn__make_local_ref is an allocation.  

Pika-style doesn't have that problem.

    > (BTW, Tom will be quite disappointed with what GCC's optimizer
    > will do to Pika-style code; go and try it.)

You need to be much more specific.  

I doubt I have any illusions there.  I doubt it is significantly
different from what _correct_use_ of the draft-style interfaces will
do.  In some cases it may be better (as for example, when passing
through parameters to a called function -- the draft requires a
separate GCPROtection of those parameters).  And in implementations
using conservative stack scanning or otherwise don't require barriers,
I think Pika-style will do quite well indeed.