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Re: pretty-print and ~C

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On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 04:05:07PM +0100, Ken Dickey wrote:

> CL DISPLAY's the character as well.  From the CL Hyperspec:
>  (format nil "~C" #\A) =>  "A"
>  (format nil "~C" #\Space) =>  " "

My mistake, I was thinking of the ~:C behavior and confused by the
fact that GCL spells out the name by default, contrary to the
hyperspec.  In GCL 2.6.1:

  (format nil "~C" #\Newline) => "Newline"

However this is one situation where I would disagree with Common-Lisp
- ~C acts exactly as ~A in this case and thus has no use.  I doubt
future Schemes will implement CL buckey-bit characters (they are a
hack and not i18n friendly), so the only extra feature ~C provides
would be the character names with the : modifier.  For this SRFI it
may be better to drop it altogether.