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SRFI 115 editorial

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Rationale: for "any modern language provide" read "that any modern
language will provide".

rx macro: for "rather than" read "but not"; tt font for "eval" (2 cases).

regexp-match: for "is the match" read "if the match"; tt font for "#f".

regexp-match?: tt font for "regexp-match".

regexp-search: italics for "rx-match".

regexp-fold: tt font for "#f".

regexp-replace: tt font for "'pre" and "'post".

rx-match-count: italics for "rx-match".

SRE Syntax: for "graheme" read "grapheme".

lower-case, upper-case, alphabetic: the Unicode properties are *not* to
be identified with the General Categories Ll, Lu, and L&, because for
one thing, Alphabetic includes Nl, and for another, there are various
Other_{Uppercase,Lowercase,Alphabetic} characters that are also included.

bog, eog:  This should point to UAX 29 rather than TR 18, because 29
contains the actual definition, which is more complex than what you
give here (you aren't allowing for Hangul grapheme clusters).  To avoid
confusion, I wouldn't include any definition at all.

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