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Re: ANN: SRFI 155: Scheme Regular Expressions

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On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 07:46:28AM +0900, Alex Shinn wrote:
> IrRegex has quite a lot more users.  It's the builtin regexp
> engine for Chicken, and is used in a number of other
> implementations.  It's harder to say how many people just
> use it for PCRE-style regexps, and how many actively
> use the SRE notation.

I much prefer the SRE notation, and use => in some cases.  However,
I see the SRFI as a distinct process, "inspired" by Irregex.  Perhaps
with some "lessons learned", so I wouldn't oppose a change, but
only if it's well-motivated.

> But we can still consider changing it.  I had written <-
> thinking of a syntax:
>   name <- pat
> without any parens (you'd need an explicit (: ...) wrapper
> in some cases), but this complicates parsing and there
> are many advantages to sticking to a pure prefix notation.
> So better would be
>   (-> name pat ...)

Yeah, the former example would break with Polish notation as is
tradition in Scheme, and simplicitly.  I think -> would be snaner,
but given that it's so similar to =>, I don't see the advantage in