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Re: Why forbid ! in whitespace-only line?

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Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin <cben@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on May 1, arguing that "!"-only lines should be treated differently:
> >> define long-func(x)
> >>    let ((foo bar(x)))
> >>    ! do stuff
> >>    ! ...
> >>    !
> >>    ! more stuff
> >>    ! ...

David Vanderson:
> I think I've convinced myself that indentation should NOT be enforced.  
> Anybody else?

Those are excellent points, I agree we should change it.

I've changed draft SRFI-110 so that lines with only space, tab, and at least one "!", are utterly ignored.  I've also modified the implementations in Scheme and Common Lisp.  The ANTLR implementation will be tweaked soon.

--- David A. Wheeler