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Re: [srfi-11] LET-VALUES wrapup (was: Re: Another vote for more parens)

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>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Thomas Hansen <lth@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Lars> So, proposal:  I change the spec for LET-VALUES to require the extra
Lars> level of nesting, thus facilitating

Lars> 	(let-values (((a b) e1)
Lars> 		     ((c d) e1))
Lars>           ...)

Lars> but also allowing syntax of the form

Lars> 	(let-values ((l e1)           ; grab all results into l
Lars> 		     ((a b . l) e2))  ; grab two results and rest into l
Lars> 	  ...)

Lars> and introducing a compatible LET*-VALUES form (MzScheme's name for it).

Lars> Debate?  

Well, I still think LET-VALUES should reflect the (VALUES x) = x
duality, but I think the change you suggest is better than no change
at all.

Lars> [ Mike, please hold off on finalization until the dust has settled. ]

Done :-)

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla