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Re: Sockets Layer Counter Proposal

I think it is worth dropping strict correspondence to the POSIX names and just providing a consistent naming convention that maps the shared structure to more reasonable names in Scheme. If someone wants to know how to get the equivalent constant, then they can look it up in a table.

So, SOCK_STREAM â socket-domain/stream, for example.

On Thu, 11 Oct 2012 13:54:30 -0400, Takashi Kato <ktakashi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

(2012/10/11 5:18), John Cowan wrote:
Shiro Kawai scripsit:

If you don't like all-caps names, I'd suggest to use
a *consistent* rule to convert well-established names
to schemey-names.  E.g. SOCK_STREAM -> *sock-stream*

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