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Re: Sockets Layer Counter Proposal

Shiro Kawai scripsit:

> If you don't like all-caps names, I'd suggest to use
> a *consistent* rule to convert well-established names
> to schemey-names.  E.g. SOCK_STREAM -> *sock-stream*

The cl-posix-generalities page on Cliki has this set of mapping rules:

    A symbol name is derived from the C binding's name, by:

        1) uppercasing, then

        2) replacing underscore (#\_) characters with the hyphen (#\-)

        3) where the fields of a C structure all have a common prefix
        (for example, "st_"), we omit it.

        4) constant names get prefix and suffix '+'s.

    No other changes to "Lispify" symbol names are made, so creat()
    becomes CREAT, not CREATE.

Rule 1 would not be relevant to Scheme, of course.  +...+ names are
valid in R7RS but not in R6RS or earlier.

Fortran 95 bindings to Posix do similar things.  Ada, however, provides
higher-level bindings.

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