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remaining issue: Windows-disallowed file names

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I think the new version is almost ready to be finalized.  There is one
remaining issue which I need more feedback about:

Should the "aux", "con", "nul", "prn", etc. file names which are
disallowed by Windows be encoded somehow, so that files for libraries
with such names are nameable on Windows and are exchangeable between
Windows and unixes without renaming?  In the current draft, some
characters are encoded for the same reason because Windows disallows
them, so by the same justification for encoding those characters, should
the Windows-disallowed file names also be encoded (e.g. by encoding
their first character)?

Or is this too ugly and stupid of an issue?  Not handling this might
help to enrage people to revolt against Windows when such names are used
and don't work on Windows.

But, if we accept that, should the encoding of characters be flushed
altogether (which might help further increase the rage against Windows)?

But, not being able to name libraries with the same freedom as with all
other symbols (and that freedom is a big thing I love about Scheme), and
allowing the flaws of Windows to determine libraries' names, and asking
that library-name symbols like 'and-let* be renamed like 'and-let-star,
is not acceptable.

I'm not sure what to do...

: Derick