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Character encoding

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> But, if we accept that, should the encoding of characters be flushed
> altogether (which might help further increase the rage against
> Windows)?

I'm somewhat in favor of dropping the encoding of characters. But... 

SRFI 97 already picked the ':' symbol for use in "standard names" for
the SRFIs. This makes for really messy looking directory contents and
put us in the current situation where the portable R6RS SRFIs don't run
under Chez Scheme because it doesn't encode the non-portable characters.

However, SRFIs aren't holy.

The right thing is to have a better standard for SRFI names; names which
are portable.

This would impact the implementations now, but let's get it right early
rather than living with %3a*.sls for years.

If the R6RS implementors speak up and say they'd be OK with supporing a
better standard for SRFI names, e.g.:

	(srfi s101 random-access-lists)

then I'll change my vote to being strongly in favor of dropping the
character encoding.

Currently, two implementations haven't committed at all to the current
SRFI naming convention: Chez and Ikarus.

Also, nothing's stopping the portable R6RS srfis project from adopting a
better naming convention anyway.

Thanks for persisting on this SRFI Derick.