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Re: different procedures for different functions

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 | Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 10:24:22 -0300
 | From: Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva <asandroq@xxxxxxxxx>
 | Hallo,
 | Neil Van Dyke wrote:
 | > 
 | > Or, as long as we're saying "posix", we can just use the Posix names 
 | > (I'm not sure all these are strictly Posix):
 | > 
 | >    posix-getenv
 | >    posix-environ
 | >    posix-putenv
 | >    posix-setenv
 | >    posix-unsetenv

putenv() does the same thing as setenv() except that it takes a single
string argument where the name and value are separated by "=", not a
Schemely protocol.
 |       getenv is ANSI C, besides, Windows has putenv. I guess that using 
 | this POSIX naming scheme will confuse people running a non-POSIX system.

environ is a variable, not a function.  This means that the only
practical semantics is that environ is shared among threads.  Having
environ be a procedure would allow each thread to have a separate