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Re: different procedures for different functions

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Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva wrote at 07/07/2008 09:24 AM:

Neil Van Dyke wrote:

Or, as long as we're saying "posix", we can just use the Posix names (I'm not sure all these are strictly Posix):


     getenv is ANSI C, besides, Windows has putenv.

I no longer have access to the Posix documents (and I believe they still cost money), but a Web search of non-normative documents suggests that "getenv" is also Posix.

I guess that using this POSIX naming scheme will confuse people running a non-POSIX system.

Regarding confusion, these procedures could provide behavior compliant with the pertinent parts of the Posix standard even when running on host operating systems that are not fully Posix-compliant.

It might be good for the SRFI to defer to Posix in defining some of the behavior of these Scheme procedures.

I don't have a strong feeling on this issue. I just want to be clear that I think it is reasonable to include "posix" in the name, if we decide that would be helpful.