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Re: new draft

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Minor typos:

1) =gt; in the string-titlecase examples should be >

2) "characterm" should be "characters" in the second paragraph of
   the rationale section.

3)  "a specific definitiond" in the same paragraph should be
   "specific definitions".

4)  "through to well understood" in the same paragraph should be
   "due to well understood".

omissions and format problems:

1) you give a block of five functions: char-upcase,
   char-downcase, char-titlecase, and char-foldcase,
   but the following text describes only two of them.

2) you never gave a description of char-foldcase, and
   it becomes important because other things are defined
   in terms of it.

3) The definition of string-foldcase contains an apparent
   typo (a reference to \var{string}) which is opaque as
   to intent and obscures meaning, and uses jargon
   terms (cased character, case ignorable character)
   with neither definition or a pointer to definitions.

4) character subtype predicates are defined with description
   above: description is incomplete, and should be below for

substantive issues:

1) syntax for symbols is too liberal.  At the very least all
   control characters and format controls should be banned
   from symbols unless written with escape sequences.
   I would prefer to see all Po and Pc characters banned as

>Probably I should have dropped #\newline in this draft, but it's still

I don't think it should go from "recommended" to "vanished" in a single
report.  I would advise you to deprecate it in R6RS if you want to get
rid of it in R7RS or later.