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new draft

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A new draft of the SRFI is on the web page.

Changes in this draft:

 * Removed here strings. 

 * Added `char-foldcase' and `string-foldcase', and redefined the
   case-insensitive operations in terms of these.

 * Added `string-upcase', `string-downcase', and `string-titlecase'. 

 * Changed the definition of `char-lower-case?' and `char-upper-case?' to
   better match Unicode instead of SRFI-14.

 * Removed `char-symbolic?', `char-punctuation?', `char-graphic?', 
   `char-blank?', and `char-iso-control?'. 

 * Removed \' and \? string/symbol escapes. 

 * Added examples for character and string operations. 

 * Expanded rationale.

Probably I should have dropped #\newline in this draft, but it's still

Thanks for all of the feedback so far. I know that this draft doesn't
address everyone's concerns and opinions, but the discussion has been