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Re: case mappings

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Matthew Flatt <mflatt@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I appreciate this line of reasoning, and I'm now convinced that SRFI-75
> (and R6RS) should include locale-independent procedures
>   string-upcase
>   string-downcase
>   string-titlecase
> that use the locale-independent part of SpecialCasing.txt. I'll add
> that to the SRFI, pending further discussion.


(Can we have an optional locale argument too?)

> Although I agree that the 1-1 mapping is of limited use, my impression
> and experience is that it's still useful (if, for nothing else,
> interfacing to older code that uses a 1-1 mapping). So, pending further
> discussion, I will leave the character-casing operations in place.

Can we specify exactly what these return in terms of string-*case?

Perhaps char-upcase should return the first character of the result of
string-upcase on a one-character string.

I once did a survey of the code I had written which did case mapping,
and I discovered, to my surprise, that I did not need even *one* case
of char mapping.  In every case where I used char mapping functions,
it was in some kind of loop across a string.  In the years since, I
keep track, and I still haven't found a situation where the char
functions were needed and string functions were not better.

Also, we need string-caseindependent-= or something of the kind.