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Re: forcing delimiters after escapes in quoted strings

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On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Ray Blaak wrote:

>So, will we be able to have strings like "\x41bc" be interpreted as
>"abc" or will it become an error?
>Forcing it to be "\x41 bc" will become unbearably tedious and confusing
>to readers also used to programming in other languages.
>It will become a large source of errors for string literals
>transliterated from other other language environments.

I think that the inlined hexadecimal notation requires a terminator.
I believe that space is probably not the appropriate terminator.
So, if for example  a colon is adopted as a terminator,

"\x41:bc" is "abc"
"\x41bc" is the one character string consisting of the unicode
	 character at U+41BC, which I can't immdiately identify.