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Re: Exposing monomorphic predicates/accessors

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Thank you, Jorgen. I have in fact been using generic functions (a very simple-minded, 35-line implementation) internally to test these ideas. That should be enough for the reference implementation, but I will indeed have a look at Scheme48.


On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Jorgen Schaefer wrote:

Are you aware of Scheme48's generic dispatch system? I'm not sure
whether it's exactly what you want, but it gets close:

-- Macro: define-simple-type typename (supertype ...) predicate

Here, you probably want to use SRFI-9 type names instead of the

Then, Scheme48 allows to define methods based on a generic

-- Macro: define-generic proc-name method-table-name
-- Macro: define-method method-table prototype body

Again, probably not _exactly_ what you want, but close.

I thought I'd make you aware of these. The source for these are in

       -- Jorgen

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