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Re: propositions, oppositions, and some minor details

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On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Felix Winkelmann wrote:

>Andre van Tonder wrote:
>> Good question.  Hard to answer, though, without a specification of what
>> spearate compilation is... :)
>IMHO separate compilation means compiling two files with two different
>instances of a compiler, i.e. there's no direct communication between
>the separate compiler runs, as opposed to compiling several separate
>source files in the same compiler-instance (for example by compiling
>stuff into an "image").

I'll even go further: I'd say it should be possible to compile each
file in the absence of all the other files, producing a linkable binary
form that can then be put together into an executable by a more-or-less
standard linker.

There are a lot of schemes that tout "separate compilation" where the
user still has to spend a lot of effort keeping track of file dependencies
and it's not even possible to compile a file without having the files
it's dependent on present.