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Re: Reviving SRFI-33

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On 29 Jul 2003, Paulo Jorge de Oliveira Cantante de Matos wrote: 
> I'm preparing a SRFI that should be based on SRFI-33 which is
> unfortunately withdrawn. I've talked with F. Solsona and he said this
> SRFI could (and fortunately would) be revived.

As most questions seem to be solved, a good reference implementation is
available, and many of the best Scheme systems already support (most of)
this SRFI, I (and probably many more) would like to ask that one of the
nice guys associated with the supporting Scheme systems revives it.
(Otherwise you would have to change the SRFI-33 parts of your Scheme system's
documentation :-) )

> I'd like to hear what on your mind for the future of this SRFI.

Going through the mail archive it looks as if 95% of the work has already
been done. The last mail by Brad
and Olin
maybe require some discussion.
We just need a volunteer to become the official author of a revived
SRFI-33 ... (see above). Others (including me) will certainly support this
effort by discussing open questions, proof-reading, adjusting implementations
for Scheme systems ...

Get the remaining 5% done!