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Re: SRFI 121: Generators

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From: Per Bothner <per@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: SRFI 121: Generators
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2015 07:25:01 -0800

> I think formalizing the concept of  generator makes a lot of sense.
> However, I'm scared of adding yet another library with dozens of
> procedures.

That's a valid concern.  I made Gauche's generator library
because I realized I'd written those patterns repeatedly.
However, I did also notice I ended up a lot of similar
procedures in the generator library and lazy-sequence library.

And lazy-sequences are more convenient in general, if the
performance isn't much concern.  I often find myself using
generators just as the basis of lazy seqnece (In Gauche,
generator->lseq can convert a generator to a lazy sequence,
and that is a *lot* more efficient way to create lazy sequences
than recurse with lazy-cons).

From my experience, the most useful utilities over generators
are in the consumer side, e.g. generator-for-each, generator-fold,
generator-let*, do-generator etc.  I suspect any of you have
written (let loop ((item read)) (if (eof-object? item) ...)) pattern
enough times.  An extension of srfi-42 to take generators is also handy.
So, instead of putting all those generator-generating procedures,
we can just focus on those two areas:

  - generator->stream, to convert generator to lazy stream
    (maybe srfi-41; or will we have another one in R7RS-large?)
  - consumer patterns; generator-for-each, do-generator etc.

> However, I have concerns about resource reclamation. For example if
> you do
> (using Racket syntax):
>   (for ((x in-producer read-my-file)) ... x ...)
> then the overflying my-file doesn't get closed automatically

Lazy sequences also have this problem, and I think this issue
should be discussed separately.   In general, resouce management
can be decoupled with usage of generators, e.g.

(with-input-from-file my-file
  (lambda ()
    ... using 'read-char' as a generator ...))